Irnham in Lincolnshire

November 2006

The Luttrell Psalter is named after its patron Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, Lord of the Manor at Irnham,  in Lincolnshire.  It is thought quite possible that some of the Luttrell Psalter illustrations were about and created upon his manor at Irnham.

Irnham, Lincolnshire

We visited Irnham in November 2006 to have a look at the modern village and its landscape. The village nestles in gently rolling fields, and the houses are all built from the local limestone, which probably reflected the material used in medieval Irnham too. The rolling landscape and use of stone for building was something we wanted to replicate in our re-created Luttrell village.

We were aided in our research by Charles Leggatt, Irnham’s church warden, who organised a guided tour of the village with himself and Tom Bagge, a local historian and fellow church warden. Below: Tom Bagge talking to Pauline Loven with Steve Turner looking on – Charles Leggatt has his back to the camera.

Irnham, Lincolnshire

Obviously, we couldn’t film within the modern village of Irnham, but Nick Loven (below with camera) filmed the village and its environs for reference.

Irnham, Lincolnshire

WAG Screen crew from left: Jo Turner, Pauline Loven, Steve Turner, Nick Loven, Chris Roberts with Tom Bagge and, hidden just behind, Charles Leggatt.

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